Constitution & Local Ordinances

The first Kappa Psi Constitution was adopted on December 2, 1905 at the 8th Grand Council Convention in New York City.

Local Ordinances for Chapters and Provinces
The Kappa Psi Constitution provides a uniform set of by-laws to govern all of our chapters and provinces. These uniform by-laws can be found in the Constitution books distributed to our brothers and may be downloaded below.

As part of By-Law XVII of the Uniform Collegiate and Uniform Graduate Chapter By-Laws and as part of By-Law XIII of the Uniform Province Chapter By-Laws, individual chapters and provinces may pass a set of amendments to the uniform by-laws. This set of amendments is known as the chapter or province local ordinances.

For the formal process of how your chapter or province should approve your local ordinances, please refer to the uniform by-laws. For chapters, please see Uniform Collegiate (or Graduate) Chapter By-Law XVI. For provinces, please see Uniform Province By-Law XII. Upon approval by your chapter or province, please submit your chapter local ordinances in an electronic format to the Grand Counselor for approval.

Fraternity Policy Manual

The Policy Manual (bound copy) is a published document available through The Kappa Psi Shop, which is a collection of international Fraternity policies, procedures, guidelines, and recommendations. 

The Policy Manual offers helpful tips in how to run an effective chapter, plan a successful province assembly, and other valuable information to help improve the Kappa Psi experience.

Updated - December 2018

Chapter Officer Training Manual

This training guide describes the nature and duties of the required and common officers of our esteemed Collegiate Chapters. This guide does not intend to limit how Chapters should be run, what positions Chapters should have, or what responsibilities are assigned to various officers. Rather, this is a starting point for evaluating and improving the current Chapter Executive Committee should it be necessary for your Chapter. The Chapter’s current situation, short- and long-term goals, school requirements, and previous performance should be assessed when considering what charges should be made.

Updated November 2016

Grand Council Deputy Manual

The Grand Council Deputy Manual is a document offering helpful tips in how to run an effective chapter and other valuable information for Grand Council Deputies. The manual is available in an electronic version and a bound copy available through the Kappa Psi Shop. The Grand Council Deputy Manual is approved by the Executive Committee.

The creation of the Grand Council Deputy Manual was a charge of the GCD Development Committee for 2007-2009, led by Chairpersons Dr. Gary Van Riper of Gamma Kappa Chapter and Dr. Deanna McDanel of Delta Zeta Chapter.

Collegiate Chapters - please forward this document to your respective Chapter GCDs and Faculty Advisors.  It is imperative that they all have the updated copy. I thank all Chapters in advance for your efforts.

Should you have any questions about the contents of the manual, please contact the GCD Development Committee Chairpersons, Deanna McDanel and Gary Van Riper (

Updated - December 2016.

Graduate Chapter Manual

The Graduate Chapter Manual is a document offering helpful tips for our Graduate Chapters. The manual is available in an electronic version plus a bound copy available through the Kappa Psi Shop. The Graduate Chapter Manual is approved by the Executive Committee.

The creation of the Graduate ChpaterManual was a charge of the Graduate Development Committee for 2010-2011, chaired by Graduate Member-at-Large, Dr. Latha Radhakrisnan.

Updated - June 2019.

Province Supervisor Manual

Social Media Policy

This policy was established to protect and maintain the professional image of Kappa Psi
Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Incorporated (which hereinafter may be referred to as the Fraternity)
and its members to ensure that all images and forms of expression are in accord with the spirit of
the Fraternity’s risk management standards. With a diverse and ever increasing amount of
platforms available for members, it is important to ensure that all participation follows the
viewpoints and standards expected of the Fraternity and any of its members, and that all
obligations and liabilities are considered before presenting the material to the public. The policy
is not meant to prohibit nor restrict individual members from displaying Fraternity-related photos
and messages on various forms of social media, as long as they do not harm or misrepresent the
professional image of the Fraternity or any of its members.

Collegiate Chapter Survey Responses

Governance Task Force