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Brothers Coast to Coast

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Top 10

Every year, Kappa Psi selects ten graduate chapters, ten collegiate chapters, and ten grand council deputies to recognize their excellence and service to the fraternity. Chapters and individuals are selected based on a wide variety of criteria. The entities listed hereafter have all demonstrated an exemplary commitment to their community and the brotherhood.


Graduate Chapters

  1. Orlando Graduate
  2. Pomona Graduate
  3. Dallas-Fort Worth Graduate
  4. Iowa Graduate
  5. St. Louis Graduate
  6. Columbus Graduate
  7. Buffalo Graduate
  8. Pittsburgh Graduate
  9. Savannah Graduate
  10. Houston Grad

Collegiate Chapters

  1. Gamma Psi, Mercer University (Atlantic Province)
  2. Beta Chi, Drake University (Northern Plains Province)
  3. Beta Epsilon, University of Rhode Island (Northeast Province)
  4. Delta Omicron, Wilkes University (Northeast Province)
  5. Epsilon Mu, University of Florida - Orlando (Southeast Province)
  6. Beta Xi, University of North Carolina (Atlantic Province)
  7. Zeta Gamma, University of Florida - Jacksonville (Southeast Province)
  8. Epsilon Pi, Idaho State University - Meridian (Northwest Province)
  9. Chi, University of Illinois - Chicago (Mid-America Province)
  10. Zeta Lambda, University of North Texas (Southwest Province)

Grand Council Deputies

  1. Alana Whittaker (Delta Tau)
  2. Amy Munemoto (Beta Chi)
  3. Cynthia Nguyen (Epsilon Beta)
  4. Deanna McDanel (Delta Zeta)
  5. Eric Gupta (Epsilon Gamma)
  6. Harry Patrick Marcelin (Epsilon Mu)
  7. Jennifer Duncan (Zeta Gamma)
  8. Kenneth Record (Upsilon)
  9. Louis Williams (Delta Delta)
  10. Vicky Shah (Delta Omicron)

The 2018 Grand Council Deputy Outstanding Achievement Award:

  • Gary Van Riper – Gamma Kappa

Additional Awards

William R. Smith Most Improved Chapter: Gamma Nu, University of the Pacific (Pacific West Province)

This award is given to the Chapter showing the most significant improvement over the past year. The calculations are based upon a comparison of the percent of total points accumulated in the Chapter Progress Report Form from the current and previous year. 

Frank H. Eby Scholarship Tray Award: Beta Eta, West Virginia University (Mountain East Province)

This award is given annually to the Collegiate Chapter with the highest percentage of eligible Brothers earning Scholarship Honors Certificates based on Chapter membership and their school's grading system as determined by calculation criteria set forth by the Chapter Awards Committee and approved by the Executive Committee. 

Nicholas W. Fenney Industry Improvement Award: Beta Omicron, University of Washington (Northwest Province)

This award will be given annually to the Collegiate Chapter which has shown the greatest percentage of improvement in chapter scholastic achievement over the past academic year as determined by calculation criteria set forth by the Chapter Awards Committee and approved by the Executive Committee. 

Top Performing Chapters: 

Listed in Greek alphabetical order these represent Chapters earning at least 85% of possible points AND in good standing. Note: Chapters in the Top 10 also achieved this status but are not listed a second time:

  • Epsilon, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (Northern Plains Province) 
  • Sigma, University of Maryland - Baltimore (Mountain East Province)
  • Beta Kappa, University of Pittsburgh (Mountain East Province)
  • Beta Omicron, University of Washington (Northwest Province)
  • Beta Pi, Washington State University (Northwest Province)
  • Beta Phi, University of Cincinnati (Great Lakes Province) 
  • Beta Psi, University of Wisconsin - Madison (Northern Plains Province)
  • Gamma Delta, Ohio Northern University (Great Lakes Province)
  • Gamma Zeta, Samford University (Gulf Coast Province)
  • Gamma Kappa, South Dakota State University (Northern Plains Province)
  • Gamma Phi, University of Georgia - Athens (Atlantic Province)
  • Delta Delta, University of Houston (Southwest Province)
  • Delta Zeta, University of Iowa (Northern Plains Province) 
  • Delta Lambda, Campbell University (Atlantic Province)
  • Delta Phi, University of California - San Diego (Pacific West Province)
  • Delta Omega, South University (Southeast Province) 
  • Epsilon Gamma, Western University of Health Sciences (Pacific West Province) 
  • Epsilon Eta, LECOM - Bradenton School of Pharmacy (Southeast Province)
  • Epsilon Psi, University of Hawaii - Hilo (Pacific West Province)
  • Epsilon Omega, Rosalind Franklin University (Mid-America Province) 
  • Zeta Delta, University of South Florida (Southeast Province)