Kappa Psi Strategic Plan

2016 - 2021


Vision Statement


Leaders in Pharmacy, Excellence in Life

Mission Statement

To develop leaders with a passion for service to their community while creating lifelong personal and professional connections


High Ideals

Strategic Goals

Collegiate Chapters and Members – Develop and strengthen our Collegiate Chapters and nourish lifelong opportunity

  1. Establish a plan for Chapters and members for retention and recruitment
  2. Promote active involvement in the community and profession (associations, legislation, and education)
  3. Develop tools to maximize Chapter operations

Graduate Chapters and Members - Enhance alumni engagement through professional development and leadership 

  1. Increase awareness of the benefits for lifelong involvement
  2. Increase opportunities for professional growth and connections
  3. Encourage the connection of Graduates with Collegiates to foster mentorship

Programs and Services - Promote opportunities for professional growth

  1. Continual development of leadership programing for the benefit of our members
  2. Maintain and improve the awards program
  3. Promote the Kappa Psi Foundation scholarship program and other scholarships available to pharmacy students

Public Relations - Promote awareness of Kappa Psi to the community and the profession

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Increase awareness of Kappa Psi's involvement in the community
  3. Strengthening the relationship between Kappa Psi with Universities, Schools and Colleges

Fraternity Operations – Optimize the resources and infrastructure to best serve and support our membership

  1. Review and align the committees with strategic goals
  2. Compliance with Fraternal governance as well as state and federal laws
  3. Financial stewardship and diversification of revenue