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Starting a Collegiate Chapter


Step 1. Interested person(s) contact(s) The Central Office regarding the interest in starting or reactivating a Kappa Psi Chapter.

  • The Central Office forwards (via email) information on how to Charter a Chapter, including this policy, a list of any known Brothers living in the area (if requested), and any additional information related to this proposed chapter.

  • The Central Office notifies Alpha Chapter of the interest.

    • This communication will include notification of the interest in forming a chapter as well as the interested person(s) contact information.

  • The Grand Regent will appoint a Liaison to oversee the Chartering/Reactivation from this pointforward.

    • This liaison shall be required to check in with all parties weekly to ensure pledging is moving forward appropriately.

      • These updates shall be forwarded to the Grand Regent and Executive Director.

    • The liaison shall be responsible for notifying the Province Satrap and Supervisor in which the Chapter would be located.

  • The Liaison, after consultation with the Grand Regent, shall select a Brother to visit the site and/or give a presentation about Kappa Psi at the School/College of Pharmacy to interested students.

Step 2. The Province Satrap is responsible for contacting the interested person(s). The Province Satrap will provide any necessary support from the Province level.

Step 3. Permission must be obtained from the administration of the school/college of pharmacy before any further steps are taken (this includes any overriding rules the College or University has beyond that required by the school/college of pharmacy).

Step 4. The group must identify one primary school contact who will be responsible for all communication between the Grand Regent’s Liaison and their prospective Province Satrap, until such time as the Colony begins pledging and is able to elect a provisional Regent. At that time, that person shall become the primary point person.

  • A faculty advisor must be identified by the interested group (this person does not need to be a Brother, only eligible to become a Brother). This person MUST be employed faculty as approved by the Dean of the College/School of Pharmacy with knowledge of school rules and regulations.

  • The primary point person is responsible for keeping the proposed/reactivating chapter, faculty advisor, Satrap, and Grand Regent’s Liaison up to date with weekly emails concerning the progressof the chapter.

Step 5. Once permission has been obtained from the College or University, the Grand Regent’s Liaison, Province Satrap and the Provisional Regent will work together to obtain the required letter containing five (5) signatures of Graduate Brothers in the area requesting the formation/reactivation of the Chapter.

  • nce the letter has been received by The Central Office, the group will be known as the (Insert School/College of Pharmacy) Colony of Kappa Psi and may now begin pledging.

    • he Grand Regent, Grand Regent’s Liaison, and faculty advisor for the Colony (after consultation with the Province Satrap) will determine the best person to lead the pledging of the Colony.

    • The entire pledge process, as well as all pledge activities, must be approved in writing by the faculty advisor. No activity may commence without written consent by the faculty advisor.

      • he faculty advisor is strongly encouraged to attend all pledge meetings and activities. If unable to do so, they will appoint another graduate Brother to attend in their place.

Step 6. The Colony shall begin their pledge process which shall include:

  • reation of local ordinances and submission to the Grand Counselor for review and approval.

    • he Constitution allows the Legislative Committee 90 days to review local ordinances, thus any chartering date must be at least 3 months from submission of the ordinances.

  • lection of Provisional officers for the constitutionally required chapter offices.

  • The Colony shall submit at least 3 potential dates for chartering/reactivation at this time.

    • hese dates must be congruent with timeline requirements noted below. (i.e. should be at least 2 months from the submission of final requirements for new Chapters)

    • Dates must be on non-sequential dates (i.e, may not be Friday, Saturday, Sunday of the same weekend, etc)

  • ompletion of required pledge events, including but not limited to:

    • eviewing all information in the Pledge Handbook and Manual

    • Reviewing all policies of Kappa Psi

    • Conducting a philanthropic activity

    • Conducting a fundraiser for the chapter

    • Conducting a fellowship (aka social) activity

    • Conducting a scholarship event.

    • It is recommended that these activities be conducted while the local ordinances are reviewed by the Legislative Committee.

  • ll Members of the Colony must demonstrate minimum competency via the Kappa Psi Basic Competencies Assessment, as approved by the International Executive Committee, by attaining 80% of the total number of points available. This assessment shall focus on information provided in the Pledge Handbook and Manual and Kappa Psi policies which are required to be reviewed as noted above.

    • n the event that a Member of the Colony does demonstrate competence initially, a second assessment may be given to demonstrate proficiency. If the Member of the Colony fails to demonstrate proficiency a second time, remediation at the discretion of the Pledge Educator(s), faculty advisor and Grand Regent’s liaison will occur.

    • This assessment must be completed prior to the end of the pledge process.

  • ue to the requirements involved in the pledge process, it is recommended that the pledge process be no fewer than 6-8 weeks unless otherwise mandated by the school.

Step 7. The Executive Committee shall vote on approval of the Chapter pending the following items arecompleted:

  • ll required monies are paid to the Central Office (this includes the Chartering fee and money for any supplies purchased from the Central Office)

  • Approval of the local ordinances by the Grand Counselor

  • Submission of finalized list of Charter Brothers (for New Chapters Only)

    • hapter charters shall not be printed until the pledge process is complete to ensure the list of Charter members is accurate.

    • Chapters are encouraged to choose a date for chartering that is at least 6 weeks from the end of the pledge process if they wish to have their official Charter present at the installation ceremony. During this time, the focus of the Colony should be arranging the events associated with the Chartering Ceremony and they may conduct any additional activities theywish.

    • Note: It is the responsibility of the Colony’s pledge president to ensure the accuracy of all names and spelling on this list. Any errors found on the charter due to errors on the list shall be the responsibility of the Chapter and they shall be required to pay to have the Charterremade.

  • ompletion of all other required items as noted in the Chapter Chartering Checklist (attached).


  • At least eight (8) weeks away from Chartering:

    • The Executive Committee chooses a date for chartering/reactivation and a member of the Committee makes a motion that includes the chartering date.

  • At least six (6) weeks away from Chartering:

    • If the motion for granting a charter passes, the Grand Regent’s Liaison notifies the Colony, Province Satrap, and Province Supervisor that the motion for a Charter has passed.

    • The Grand Regent makes this announcement via the listserv.

      • The announcement should include the Chartering/Reactivation Date as well as a contact person for those Brothers interested in attending the Chartering Ceremony.


Starting a Graduate Chapter


The process for getting a new Graduate Chapter chartered takes a minimum of 1 year.  The 1 year will start when the interested Brother or Brothers first contact The Central Office.  The first 5 steps must be completed to be eligible for Charter consideration by the Executive Committee.

The following paragraphs were originally written by Dr. E. Ben Welch:

From personal experience, I can tell you in one word that the key to establishing a Graduate Chapter is persistence!
You need to put someone in charge who will not take "no" for an answer. A brother who will pester the brothers with letters and phone calls about meetings and upcoming events. Someone who will talk to the collegiate brothers and stress that Kappa Psi does not end with graduation.
Here are a few tips that may help:
  • To get a mailing list, send your request to the Central Office with the zip codes of the brothers you need.
  • After you get the mailing list, send out an introductory letter explaining that you would like to start a graduate chapter in this area. If you ask for money, only ask for small amounts like $10 or $20, just enough to get started and to meet the chapter's financial obligations.
  • Response may not be great, but just remember to be persistent and try again. Use the telephone. Use the Kappa Psi International Group. Use The Mask. Use your state pharmaceutical association's newsletter.
  • After things have progressed and you have some active paying members, schedule graduate chapter events that coincide with the Collegiate's. This is a good way for the undergrads to see proof that you can remain active in Kappa Psi after graduation and is the best way to recruit future members.
  • Once established, the graduate chapter can have Grad t-shirts printed or other apparel that the graduate members can wear and use to promote their chapter.

Step 1.  Interested Person or Persons contacts the Central Office regarding the interest in starting a Kappa Psi Chapter in a defined geographical area.  The Central Office may if requested send any other information they have regarding a Kappa Psi Chapter in that geographical area and Brothers located in the area.  The Central Office notifies the Alpha Chapter and Province Satrap and Supervisor in which the Chapter would be located.  This communication will include the interest in the chapter along with contact information for those interested in forming a chapter.  The Grand Regent will appoint a person to oversee the Chartering from this point forward.  

Step 2.  The Province Satrap is responsible for contacting the interested individuals and offering necessary support from the Province.

Step 3.  The group must identify one primary point person who will be responsible for the majority of the communication with the Fraternity.  The primary point person is responsible for keeping the proposed chapter, Satrap, and the Grand Regent’s appointee up to date with the progress of the chapter by sending documentation of at least two group activities and/or business conducted over the time period of one year.  This documentation shall include the names of the Brothers involved in the activity or business, the date of the activity or business, and the nature of the activity or business.  Meeting minutes, general nature of business conducted via email with those participating, and a brief account of a social or professional event are all acceptable activities.  This documentation must be sent within 30 days of the activity or business.

Step 4.  The group should elect officers-elect as required by the Constitution and should create Local Ordinances and submit them to the Grand Counselor for review and approval.  The point person is responsible for obtaining the required signatures and submitting the originals to the Central Office.  This documentation must be received by the Central Office prior to the continuation of activities.

Step 5.  The constitution allows the Legislative Committee 90 days to review Local Ordinances and notify the proposed chapter of approval or corrections necessary.  Once the Local Ordinances have been approved, the proposed chapter shall submit at least 3 potential chartering dates to the Central Office.  The proposed chapter shall also submit the Chartering Fee of $300.  The Central Office then communicates with the Executive Committee that all necessary materials have been received.  The Grand Regent receives documentation from the Grand Regent’s appointee and the Satrap regarding the entire process.  This documentation is then forwarded to the Executive Committee for review and discussion.

Step 6.  Eight weeks away:  The Executive Committee chooses a date for Chartering and a motion is made that includes the Chartering date.

Step 7.  Six weeks away:  If the motion for the Charter passes, the Executive Director orders the Charter an notifies the Proposed Chapter, Province Satrap, and Province Supervisor.  The Grand Regent makes the announcement via the listserv.  The announcement should include the Chartering date as well as a contact person for those interested in attending the Ceremony.


Reactivating a Collegiate Chapter


Reactivation of a dormant Collegiate Chapter requires almost the same steps as forming a new chapter of Kappa Psi. Because all the interested persons are new and have never had the pledging process it is necessary for either a local member or a faculty member at the school to act as the Grand Council Deputy during this process. The interested people must follow the same steps for getting a new chapter up and running with the exception of choosing a name. The Chapter name will be the same as before the Chapter became dormant. The education of the interested persons in Kappa Psi history and the Kappa Psi Constitution remains the same. Reactivation of a dormant Chapter is a process that requires the involvement of The Central Office and it is recommended that any interested persons contact The Central Office as the first step in any reactivation.


Reactivating a Graduate Chapter


Reactivation of a Graduate Chapter is not as complicated as reactivating a Collegiate Chapter, but it does involve several policies of the fraternity that must be followed in order to get the chapter properly reactivated. Because these policies involve length of dormancy, dues owed and location of the Graduate Chapter, it is imperative that a group of brothers interested in reactivating a Graduate Chapter contact The Central Office in order to assure that the proper steps are followed. 

A Graduate Chapter that has not paid dues for three (3) consecutive years shall be deemed dormant beginning with the 4th year. This requires that the chapter be reactivated. In addition, the chapter must revise their By-Laws and Local Ordinances which then must be approved by the Grand Counselor and Legislative Committee. Plus, a reactivation fee of three hundred ($300 ) along with the past two (2) year graduate chapter dues must be paid in order for the chapter to become active.