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Kappa Psi was founded on May 30, 1879 in New Haven, Connecticut, and currently there are 191 chapters (110 Collegiate and 81 Graduate chapters), more than six thousand collegiate members, and over eighty seven thousand graduate members across the United States, Canada, and the Bahamas.


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Becoming a Brother

Once a brother of Kappa Psi, you become a brother for life. To ensure our fraternity aligns with your goals and your values align with our principles, a multi-faceted interview process will occur. Depending on the local chapter at your pharmacy school, the fraternity may be co-ed or male only. (The majority of chapters are co-ed.) The first step to becoming a brother starts with the "rushing" process. "Rush" is a term for recruitment. This period of time is meant for our fraternity to meet future brothers and for pharmacy students to see if they can find themselves in our fraternity for years to come. After the rushing process, current members of the local chapter will meet to determine which candidates they would like to move forward in the interview process. Those selected will be given a "bid" to start the "pledging" process. "Pledging" is the final stage of interview prior to becoming a brother of the fraternity. During this time period, pledges will learn about the values and principles of the fraternity and what it means to become a brother. Kappa Psi fraternity has a strict no-hazing policy. If at any time, you believe hazing may be going at your school, please immediately notify our Central Office at centraloffice@kappapsi.org and an investigation will be opened into the matter. 

To our future Brothers...

As you journey down the path of life and pursue a career in pharmacy, developing yourself professionally and adding leadership skills ranks as important as developing your personal clinical knowledge.

Becoming a fraternity member of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity is the best way to accomplish all of these goals and more!

To our Brothers and Chapters...

You are in a position to mold our recruits of today into our leaders of tomorrow. The manner in which you execute your responsibilities will determine in no small way the continued success of our beloved Order. If you take seriously your membership in Kappa Psi, you realize that membership is for life, which has led to our famous phrase "Kappa Psi For Life".

Whether these pledges will continue to respond to our Fraternity years after graduation depends on what you teach them during their pledgeship and the bonds of friendship that are created. Remember to practice industry, sobriety, fellowship, and high ideals in your rushing and pledging events and instill a sense of the history and tradition of your chapter!

Your future brothers and your chapter will grow stronger as a result.

Rushing and Pledging Presentation (PDF)


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